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  • Banks-Mercer Family Collection

The Banks-Mercer Family Collection features portraits of members of the Banks and Mercer families of Fulton County, Illinois. Nathaniel Butler Banks married Ann Barbara Artman and had five sons: Joshua (1831-1911), Bilsey (1837), William Smith (1838-1863), John Milton (1838-1862), and Thomas King (1843-?) and four daughters: Margaret Ruth Banks Black (1829-1884), Sarah Jane Banks Spencer (1834-1903), Mary Ann Banks Johnson (1849-1921), and Elizabeth Ann Banks Morgan (1853-?). Sisters Sarah Margaret and Ann Elizabeth Mercer were born in Lewiston, Illinois, and later moved to Kansas.

Photographs in this collection include portraits of Nathaniel Butler Banks, Sarah Margaret Mercer, Anne Elizabeth Mercer, and several children.

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