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  • Brown-Barnett Family Collection

Kentucky-native James J. Brown (ca. 1828-1862) married Sarah A. Barnett in Illinois on November 19, 1857. The couple had two sons, John (b. October 29, 1859) and William L. “Linky” (b. February 21, 1861). Brown was a Hickory Creek, Illinois, farmer when he enlisted as a corporal in Company B, 40th Illinois Infantry in August 1861. He died in Memphis, Tennessee, of chronic dysentery on August 7, 1862. Sarah died on July 30, 1863 and had two brothers who also fought in the Civil War: John T. Barnett (97th Illinois Infantry) and William S. Barnett (40th Illinois Infantry).

This collection includes unidentified photographs relating to the Brown-Barnett family.

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