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Humphrey H. Hood was a physician, Civil War veteran & businessman from Litchfield, Illinois. Hood was a surgeon with the Union Army, mostly at Fort Pickering, near Memphis, from late 1862 until he was discharged in April, 1866. He served as First Assistant Surgeon of the 117th Illinois Infantry, Senior Surgeon of the First Tennessee Heavy Artillery, African Descent (renamed in 1864 the Third U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery), and Surgeon-in-Chief on the staff on General John E. Smith, District of West Tennessee. After the war, he returned to private practice in Litchfield where he was active in politics and civil affairs.

More information about Humphrey Hood at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum may be found in the Humphrey H. Hood Papers, 1851-1903 which may be found at

Photographs in this collection include images of Humphrey Hood and his fellow United States Army officers during the Civil War.

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